AMagine Workshops in Finland

The Finnish workshops will be held on

27.10. 12:30-15:30 (Sign-up deadline 22.10.)

12.11. 12:30-15:30 (Sign-up deadline 8.11.)

The content of the workshops will be the same for both sessions, so you can choose the one that better suits your schedule.

The topics of the workshops will be:

  • Data and process preparation for AM
  • Material aspects of AM
  • Design aspects of AM demonstrated with an industrial use case
  • Business aspects of AM demonstrated with an industrial use case
  • Process integration of additive manufacturing in production

To join the workshops, simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Please note that the language of the Finnish workshops will primarily be Finnish and the workshops are intended for industrial practitioners. The capacity of the workshops is limited to 20 participants.

In 2021, the workshops are organized online via Microsoft Teams and are free of charge.

The capacity of the workshops is limited to 20 participants, so act soon!

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About AMagine

AMagine is an EIT Manufacturing-funded project that aims to boost additive manufacturing use in Europe by offering targeted professional education to designers and managers in the manufacturing sector. AMagine is conducted by Aalto University, TU Wien, and DeskArtes Oy.

Unlike other additive manufacturing professional education offerings on the market, our educational concept is designed for the specific needs of the region in which you operate.

We research the needs of a region by conducting interview studies with manufacturing stakeholders including OEMs, subcontractors, and additive manufacturing experts. We then use state-of-the-art quantitative content analysis techniques to reliably identify the knowledge gaps that need to be filled for the companies in the region to easily implement additive manufacturing.

Our educational concept is built on a combination of free, on-demand, self-learning online modules and interactive workshops that can be either held virtually or in person. Our pilot countries for 2021 are Finland and Austria with more countries joining in the following years.

AMagine Educational Offerings

AMagine offers companies a combination of free on-demand online learning material and interactive workshops for upskilling and reskilling their employees in additive manufacturing. The educational content primarily involves product design and value chain aspects associated with additive manufacturing.

The free online learning material of AMagine is available for you to complete on your own time and at your own pace. The content is in the form of short, to-the-point learning modules on Skills.move. If your interest goes beyond our free online learning content, you can further your learning in interactive workshops organized by AMagine partners.

For advanced learning, AMagine offers interactive workshops led by leading additive manufacturing implementation experts. The exact content is defined on a region-by-region basis and therefore tailored to the identified knowledge gaps you might be dealing with. The workshops are organized by local partners in Finland and Austria and special attention is given to their accessibility: the workshops are held in the preferred language of the region and use software that is specifically designed to be intuitive to learn.

The learning modules will be launched in the autumn of 2021. We will organize two workshops in Finland and two workshops in Austria by the end of 2021.

AMagine Team

Dr. Sergei Chekurov

AMagine Activity Leader

Researcher, “Advanced Manufacturing and Materials”, Aalto University

Dr. Arko Steinwender

AMagine WP Leader

Researcher, “Materials and Additive Manufacturing”, TU Wien

Dr. Julia Schönherr

AMagine WP Leader

Researcher, “Materials and Additive Manufacturing”, TU Wien

Ismo Mäkelä

AMagine WP Leader

Business Director, DeskArtes Oy

Roy Björkstrand

Researcher, Laboratory Manager of Digital Design Laboratory, Aalto University

Jan-Niklas Beicher

Researcher, “Factory Planning and Production Optimization”, TU Wien

Professor Jouni Partanen

Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Aalto University

Professor Jürgen Stampfl

Head of Research Group “Materials and Additive Manufacturing”, TU Wien

Professor Sebastian Schlund

Head of Research Area “Human-Machine-Interaction”, TU Wien

Project Partners

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